running injuries

Whether you’re an avid runner training for an event or a recreational runner who just does it for enjoyment, everyone deserves to run pain free. When dealing with injuries both new and old, it can be frustrating not knowing why they have happened.

You probably find yourself wondering if it’s your…

Running technique? Alignment? Running shoes? How your body is put together?

Well, it could be one or all of these things and therefore can be difficult to know where to seek help.

The running injury clinic is specifically designed to get to the root problem of what is causing your injuries. We use a multi camera set up to capture you running from various angles and from this footage, we are able to gather valuable information about your running pattern and help to determine all of your injury risk factors. From this point, we are able to make a treatment plan tailored to you.

This clinic is run by qualified Sports Podiatrists who have an in depth understanding about lower limb mechanics and their corresponding treatment options, so you will be in knowledgeable and safe hands.

If you are confused and have a running injury that is holding you back from getting out for a run, check out our Running Injury Clinic.

The appointments are 40 minutes long and include:

  • Clinical examination
  • Videoed gait analysis (of which you will receive a copy of)
  • Footwear review
  • Customized treatment recommendations

How do I get help with my running injury? 

  • You can book an appointment by phoning SportsMed reception on 03 366 0620 just let them know you are interested in the running clinic and book a time.

How do I access the running injury clinic?

You will need to book an appointment by phoning SportsMed reception on 03 366 0620 to reserve a spot when a podiatrist will be available.

The appointments are 40 minutes long and include:

  • A clinical examination,
  • Videoed gait analysis (of which you will receive a copy of)
  • Customized treatment recommendations.

As the clinic is located in The Front Runner Colombo, we can also provide a thorough footwear review and if a new pair of shoes is indicated then we are able to try out various makes/models of shoes until we find the pair that is suitable for you.

Give us a call today. 

Concerned about running injuries?

Book an appointmentFor more help getting to the bottom of foot, leg or ankle related running injuries see one of our Podiatrists. Book an appointment with one of our today and get back to optimum performance.