Charani Katrgadda

Are you a dancer who needs help with lower limb injuries? Charani Katrgadda is a qualified podiatrist and dancer.

Charani has danced in a variety of forms before becoming a podiatrist. She has recently returned from Adelaide where her interest developed in pre-pointe assessments.

She has worked closely with physiotherapists who were involved in the Australian Royal Ballet and is keen to do the same back here in New Zealand. Her interest is in biomechanics and movement-related dance injuries.

In addition to her interest in pointe assessments, she also has experience in dance-related injuries and management of pain associated with dance and sports. Trained and Managing patients with a range of treatment options like orthotics, footwear prescription, Shock wave therapy and dry needling.

Throughout her own experiences, she has learnt that as a medical professional it is so important to not only treat an injury but to also treat the person as a whole and develop a holistic approach alongside a team of experts if needed.

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