There are many different treatments offered depending upon the condition you present with. We will always attempt to deal with your condition in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

ptreat_1Orthotic devices: Footbionics®
Orthotic devices (arch supports) are often prescribed to eliminate your pain and improve your foot and lower limb function. Orthoses are thought to realign your foot into a corrected position and improve shock absorption through the foot and limb. They are thought to also enhance proprioception (or feedback to the brain) about your foot positioning, improve muscle activity, normalize foot pressures, and improve foot and leg joint timing sequences.

Research is highlighting that improvements in your pain may be due to these more difficult to measure factors. We usually prescribe a soft or temporary orthotic initially. This offers you an immediate intervention and also acts as a guide as to how you respond to orthotic therapy.

We prescribe the range of pre-moulded Footbionics® orthoses as a fast and cost-efficient treatment for you. We use many different models to suit your foot type or condition – one type does not fit all! Where necessary a laboratory manufactured orthotic taken from a plaster cast of your foot may be recommended instead. Despite these being made from a plastic material they are accurately made from an impression of your foot and individually prescribed down to the degree of control required. Learn more about orthotics and how to get the right fit here…

The podiatrists at SportsMed are trained in Kinesiotaping ( techniques for lower limb injuries. This taping is revolutionary and proving a huge success on the international sports arena. It is applied to either stimulate or reduce muscle contraction depending upon application. Given its elastic properties it can also be applied to reduce joint motion. It is extremely thin and virtually skin-like in its texture. This tape is both waterproof and hypoallergenic and can be worn continuously for 3-5 days. Kinesiotaping is now available to you as a treatment for both simple and complex foot, ankle, Achilles, calf muscle, and knee injuries.

Nail surgeriesptreat_5
The podiatrists at SportsMed are trained in performing minor surgical procedures. The most common is the partial removal of ingrown toenails. In most cases this is performed in our clinic rooms using a local anaesthetic. This “non-incision” type surgery causes minimal tissue damage and requires no suturing. The benefits of this type of procedure are minimal pain post-operatively and rapid healing time. In chronic cases a chemical is applied to the growing zone of the nail so that this ingrown portion does not re-grow. Cosmetically the nail looks almost the same as only the portion curling downward is removed. We perform many of these procedures each week with extremely good results.


Shockwave therapy
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive non-surgical treatment that is used on many chronic tendon conditions. Shockwaves (pressure or sound waves) are generated and focused onto the targeted tissue. We use this system regularly for patients suffering from Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonosis. Research has shown this to be an effective treatment in these conditions. The shockwaves are delivered to trigger an individual’s own repair mechanisms and also help to over-stimulate pain transmission nerves, which can lead to a reduction in sensitivity and pain. Usually 3 sessions are required to effectively treat your condition.


For the consumer purchasing footwear there has never been so many choices! All too often it is the shoes patients wear that can cause their pain to develop as inappropriate, unsupportive or excessively worn shoes can compromise foot movement and foot function. We work closely with every major athletic shoe store as well as several children’s and dress footwear retailers. Nearly all of the stores we work with will allow you to purchase your footwear under an exchange policy whereby “we can select the correct shoe with you” based on how your feet function in them. This is important as we want to ensure that you get the correct shoe for your foot type or injury.

ptreat_4Strengthening and stretching
Prescribing our patients with exercises or self-treatment occurs at virtually every treatment. Simple exercises whilst often overlooked can have a dramatic effect upon your symptoms. Empowering you as the patient to take control and have a better understanding of the injury management is very important. Runners are notorious for increasing their mileage rapidly in preparing for an event and yet not increasing the time they spend stretching. Tight muscles are at increased risk of injury – just as weakened muscles are. Running more will not always strengthen your legs – it will make them more conditioned to running longer.

Cycle analysis
Cycle set up is important to avoid injury as well as make your pedaling revolutions more efficient. Using video analysis we review your cycling technique and show you how to improve your riding style to reduce injury risk. We can also use Tekscan to perform “pedal force analysis” revealing foot motion and leg force when cycling.

Running technique
Running styles or techniques may contribute to your pain or injury. At SportsMed we apply a clinical approach to review your running action and identify any factors that can be improved. To do this accurately we video your running action and review this in slow motion. Joint angles and body position can be viewed and compared to changes made in your running technique. We will only change your running style for good reason and we will always base this on sound evidence. We also use pressure plates and Tekscan – an in-shoe pressure measuring system to obtain as much information as possible to help us make informed changes.

How do I book an appointment?

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