Do you have Sore Legs? Calves? or Heels? Not getting the support you need from your shoes? Lower Limb Pain? Support your limbs, keep your legs in fine form and support your body against developing pain by giving it ample support with orthotics.

Blue Orthotics picture from Christchurch Podiatrist

What are orthotics?

Orthotic devices (or arch supports as they are also known ) are often prescribed to eliminate your pain and improve your foot and lower limb function.

What do they do?

Orthoses are thought to:

  • Realign your foot into a corrected position and improve shock absorption through the foot and limb.
  • Enhance proprioception (or feedback to the brain) about your foot positioning, improve muscle activity, normalize foot pressures, and improve foot and leg joint timing sequences.
  • Research is highlighting that improvements in your pain may be due to these more difficult to measure factors.

How do I get Orthotics fitted in Christchurch?

In order to ensure the right fit for your legs (and to make sure you need them) you will need to Book an appointment with one of our Christchurch Podiatrists.

During your appointment we will:

  1. Get to know a little more about you and any problem areas or pain and stiffness, learn more about your goals and get to know your unique situation.
  2. Perform a “Biomechanical assessment” of your feet and lower limbs and footwear to assess the cause of your pain, stiffness or discomfort.
  3. Then we will talk about options in terms of footwear and orthotics and advise you on your best options based on your biomechanical analysis and goals. This could be fitting orthotics and or put a strengthening and stretching program in place.

If you need orthotics:


Pre Moulded Orthotics

We usually prescribe a soft or temporary orthotic initially. This offers you an immediate intervention and also acts as a guide as to how you respond to orthotic therapy. We prescribe the range of pre-moulded Footbionics® orthoses as a fast and cost-efficient treatment for you. We use many different models to suit your foot type or condition – one type does not fit all!


Custom Orthotics:

Where necessary a laboratory-manufactured orthotic taken from a plaster cast of your foot may be recommended instead. Despite these being made from a plastic material they are accurately made from an impression of your foot and individually prescribed down to the degree of control required.


How many appointments will I need?

You need at least two appointments one to get to the bottom of any pain or stiffness and come up with a treatment plan and one to check how things are going with your orthotics or fit custom ones. We will advise you of a course of action after your first appointment.

Get started today and support your body against pain, stiffness and discomfort

Why choose us?

  • Make sure you’re using the right equipment for body to support optimal health be it shoes, orthotics or something else
  • Fitted by a podiatrist.
  • Tailored to your body, needs and goals.