Athletic footwear has two primary roles protection and performance enhancement. Athletic shoes have evolved dramatically since the 1970s running boom.

Innovations in sport’s shoes

IMG_4926 There have been many shoe innovations with companies highlighting features that can have significant beneficial effects. Some innovations have been short-lived whilst others have been present for years. An example of something that has proven effective is the dual density midsole. Essential features of the modern athletic shoe include cushioning, support, stability and control. Finding the ideal shoe for you means finding the right mix all there elements for your sporting needs.

Choosing the right trainer

At SportsMed we can help you choose the correct shoe for your foot type, condition or sporting activity. If you bring along a selection of shoes from your shoe store we can provide a clinical interpretation of what shoe is best suited for you. Our software offers immediate side by side comparisons of footwear so that shoe function can be compared and measured. All leading shoe stores in Christchurch will allow you to do this. Reviewing your old shoes can provide a good insight as to what type of shoe you may require and therefore help your injury or condition.

Note the improvement of the left foot in the video on the right

How long does a shoe last?

This is a difficult question and one that even the shoe companies cannot answer. Studies have shown that after 400 to 700kms a shoe can lose 40% of its shock absorbency. That’s 10 weeks of running at 40k-70k per week. For a running shoe, we recommend to the average jogger that 1 year of use at 30k per week will see it through. A heavier runner or a marked pronator will cause the shoe to deform and decrease this life span. Some shoe companies do recommend approximately 1000k before the shoe should be replaced. Tennis players are notorious for wearing shoes rapidly. Some wear their shoes out in 4-6 weeks! Our advice to you is to consider the terrain, the mileage, and your weight as key factors in the life of your shoes. If in doubt see us for an opinion.

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