Our passionate Christchurch Chiropractors are all about providing treatment to help get you back to full fitness & optimum health.

  • General & Sports Chiropractic

    Our chiropractors have vast experience working with general and sports-specific patients.

  • Chiropractor Open 6 Days - Monday to Saturday.

    We are open Monday through Saturday and have late nights Monday through Thursday until 7:00pm. That means you can get a Saturday Chiropractic Appointment on the weekend.

  • ACC Chiropractic

    You can get ACC chiropractic appointments and don’t need a get a referral, this means you can come straight in to see us and request an appointment.

What happens during your Chiropractic consultation:

  • 1


    First we take a case history to learn more about you, your injury and your lifestyle.

  • 2

    Physical Examination

    Then a detailed examination to find the route cause of your symptoms determine the best treatment course.

  • 3

    Treatment Plan

    We decide and advise if any tests are needed. Then in consultation with you, we decide on the best course of treatment and if chiropractic care is going to be the best course of action.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Why sport’s chiropractic?

    A.In a sport’s chiropractic practice, patients have more highly developed neuromusculoskeletal body systems and demands. Therefore we focus not only on the management of injuries but also injury prevention and optimising performance. A major aspect of this is ensuring correct biomechanical range of motion, balance and strength via chiropractic assessment and treatment.


  • Q.Do you offer Chiropractic services for non - sports related patients?

    A.We treat anyone. You don’t have to be an athlete, we treat everyone from those not into sport, those weekend warriors to the elite of elite! We can provide a full range of chiropractic services.

  • Q.Do I have to book in advance?

    A.We try and keep some spare appointments for acute injuries but recommend advance bookings. We have 4 chiropractors in our team so it is usually possible to get an appointment within a few days of booking.

  • Q.How much do appointments cost?

    A.Prices vary but your chiropractor will discuss these with you before treatment starts.

  • Q.How long are the appointments?


    New patient appointments are 30mins and Standard appointments are 15mins.

  • Q.What do I wear during my appointment?

    A.Because the chiropractor needs to observe your posture, range of motion, joint movement, muscle & soft tissue tension it is best to wear light clothing.

  • Q.Why choose a Chiropractor?

    A.Often people treat the symptoms rather than the cause. A Chiropractor can help you find out what is really causing the problem and come up with a treatment plan tailored specifically to you to help your body get back on track… quickly. Making chiropractic care as a great natural approach to dealing with your bodies aches, pains and ailments.

  • Q.Can I get ACC on Chiropractic Appointments?

    A.You can get ACC chiropractic appointments and don’t need a get a referral, this means you can come straight in to see us and request an appointment.

Meet the team

Margaret Blacklow – Chiropractor / Director

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Chris Cannon – Chiropractor

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Mark Warren – Chiropractor / Director

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Mark Tucker – Chiropractor

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 Monday  8:00am - 7:00pm
Tuesday  8:00am - 7:00pm
Wednesday  8:00am - 7:00pm
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Friday  8:00am - 6:00pm
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Sunday  Closed

    Simply phone reception on 0800 465 879 or email us and tell us about your injury and we will book you an appointment with the right specialist for the job.

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