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If you have an injury or your just new to using our general and sports specific services, no doubt you have questions. Every day our superb reception team get asked lots of questions about what we do here at SportsMed.  So we thought it would be great to share some of these questions, with answers, to help you on your way. (Please feel free to drop any we have missed in the comment box so we can add them to the blog – or get in touch with the reception team

Here our the top three questions we get asked…

Q. Who should I see about my injury?  

Answer: It depends on the injury.

If you’ve got an acute injury that’s likely to need an xray or ultrasound then we’d recommend you see a physiotherapist initially.  They’ll carry out a thorough assessment……. and part of the beauty of coming to SportsMed is that should you need to see another provider from our highly trained team, then the physio can refer you straight across minimising any hassle to you.

If your injury is an on going issue or an injury that’s just not settling properly then we’d recommend you make an appointment with one of our sports doctors.

If you’ve got trapped nerve pain and/or tingling then a chiropractor may be your best option.

And for any foot related pain then it’s best to see our Podiatry team.

We’ve also got an acupuncturist, sports massage team, nutritionists and performance coaches on hand enabling us to look after the majority of your injury treatment needs here on site.

We have an appointment booking form here where you can tell us a little background so we can match you with the right specialist

Q. Can you just walk in for an appointment or do I need to book an appointment in advance?

Answer: It’s always preferable to book ahead, simply because we do get busy and we don’t want to disappoint by not being able to offer you your first choice of day and time.  We sometimes have appointments available on the day so just give us a ring, it’s free to call, on 0800 INJURY and we’ll help you out.

Q. How much will my appointment cost?  

Answer: it depends on who you see and what your issue is.  Whoever treats you will advise you about costs once they have undertaken their initial assessment.

Keep an eye on our blog posts over the coming weeks to see more Q&A’s from our wonderful reception team and don’t forget …..

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