Tight Shoulder Muscles From Sitting at a Desk All Day?

laptop-1209008_1280Do you ever have those days when you look up from your computer and realise that 4 hours have passed and you have not gotten up from your chair? I mean, it’s great that you were in the zone for 4 hours churning out work – BUT your back and tight shoulder muscles are not going to be thanking you for it. The trouble is, in today’s world we are so connected to electronic devices we can develop what has been coined the “i-hunch” – stereotypically identified as tight sore shoulders, neck and upper back. 

Asore back and Tight Shoulder Musclesnd this means that during the day or after work we find ourselves doing the shoulder massage shuffle by gripping our own shoulders trying to release the tension, or rubbing up against door frames and walls just trying to loosen the knots and always tight like we are in constant need of a massage.

Do you hunch over a desk all day, then your tablet or phone all night? Do you always feel like you could do with a massage, an adjustment or really just a holiday where you do not go anywhere near a computer? Well you are not alone. Our chiropractic team is seeing more and more people with tight shoulder muscles, sore necks and backs every day.

Does this sound like you?

Tight Shoulder Muscles hunched over ipadYou work in a job where you are leaning forward, hunching (with perhaps not the best posture), and sitting for long periods of time, and you have developed constant shoulder tightness which means you feel like you can never get comfortable, and it’s hard to get to sleep.

Then when you go to the gym you find upper body work pushes your already tight muscles and stresses them out, putting more pressure on the wrong muscles without developing the muscles needed to support good posture and a healthy spine.

You crave a pain free existence filled with energy and the freedom to move. Where your shoulders are loose and strong because you have strengthened the right muscles at the gym and built the foundation for amazing posture.

Tight Shoulder MusclesSeeing a Chiropractor about your tight Shoulder Muscles and Posture.

Our chiropractic team work to asses the root cause of your problem to support you back to optimal health and get on top of pain caused by bad posture. Poor posture creates a pain pattern, and with an assessment and treatment plan this can be corrected and maintained at home after just a few weeks.

Here is how the appointments usually work:

Step One – Discovery – During your first appointment (which is 45 minutes long) we will take a history and get to know more about you, your posture, your work situation, and your past injuries, to discover the cause and source of your pain and find out how it happened.

Step Two – Physical Exam – We dig deeper into the pain patterns caused by your posture and how it is affecting your range of motion, your body and the way you hold yourself.

Step Three – Treatment Plan – We will give you an adjustment to correct abnormal mechanics, joints that aren’t working and muscle imbalances. In some cases you might need strapping to correct the issue, so we will show you how to put this on. During this phase we will also provide you with stretches, exercises and tips to do when you are at home or at the gym to support your recovery and help you maintain a healthy posture.

What about a follow up?

You next follow up appointment will be 15 minutes in a week or so (this usually varies depending on how severe your injury is). We say the initial treatment usually takes 2 weeks – then from there we can work on a maintenance plan to get you supporting good posture and easing off tight shoulder muscles at home or at work with exercises.

Is poor posture at your desk messing with your quality of life?

Book an appointment with one of our Christchurch Chiropractors today and get your lower back back on track.

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