Feeling stiff after a trip up the mountain? Skiing & snowboarding injuries

Have you been knocked around while visiting one of the ski fields around Canterbury over the weekend? We can help with that. Hasn’t The snow been great this season so far? We really love to see people getting out there and enjoying the winter wonderland New Zealand has to offer. Skiing and snowboarding will use different muscles to the ones we use every day. That teamed with tumbles and close shaves with fellow skiers can leave us feeling sore and tight at the end of the day.

Here are 3 ways we can help you after a day up the mountain.


Get back in alignment with a chiropractic appointment. 

Getting knocked around or taking a tumble on the mountain may knock things out of alignment. A chiropractor can give you a once over, identify any problems and then where appropriate, give you an adjustment. Doing so will help you get you back to optimal health.

Get a massage

Often when you are snowboarding your shoulders get sore after standing up using your front side edge. Also, your calves can cramp up after being crammed in ski boots all day. A Massage can help loosen up those sore, tight muscles so you do not have to limp around for the next week wincing in pain.

Strengthen the right muscles.

It is easy to pull muscles while trying to catch your own fall after a close shave with another skier or snowboarder. And sometimes we can feel like we have overdone it after a day up the mountain. See a physio about strengthening and rehabilitating your pulled muscles.

Need an appointment?

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