Matt’s Shoulder Pain – Physiotherapist Review Christchurch

“I was referred to SportsMed Canterbury physiotherapist Craig Calcott in early 2017 for help with ACJ shoulder pain.


At 40, I had never been to a physiotherapist, but soon became a convert to the methods of strengthening through a structured excercise programme. When my shoulder problem was fixed I asked Craig to help me with my troublesome back. Craig skilfully progressed me through a regime of stretching and then steadily-more-intense exercises as I gained strength and resilience in my back, always explaining the process and how my body was responding as we went along.


After more than five years of intermittent, and sometimes debilitating, back pain I did not think I would ever be pain free. I thought it was a sign of ageing that I had to put up with. Craig tailored my programme to my half-marathon running, and also tweaked my running technique. My back is not only pain free, but I can feel huge improvements in my running, particularly at the end of my runs.


Craig is also a great guy to deal with, always friendly and positive. I would highly recommend Craig, and SportsMed.

– Matt Calman


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