Have you ever noticed shoulder or neck pain after doing a workout?

Shoulder & Neck Pain

Have you ever experienced pain after you hurt your shoulder or back after doing a workout? Perhaps your form wasn’t great while you were doing cross fit… or your shoulders were hunched up around your shoulders while you were doing downward facing dog (a yoga pose).

By the time your workout is done, you can feel a headache start to form as the pain shoots up from your shoulder to your neck to your head.

Massage and analgesics only go so far,

You try and massage or foam roll the knots out yourself, or you might even end up taking panadol or ibuprofen for the pain and treating the symptoms rather than the cause. But this only takes you so far.

It stops you exercising

Let’s face it shoulder pain is inconvenient. It makes it hard to concentrate if you are at work, and it can also stop you from doing exercise because you do not want to aggravate your injury.

The flow on effect.

So you end up inactive and grumpy because you can’t get out and do the things you love. Or you end up sitting or standing funny just trying to get comfortable waiting for things to improve, which throws off your posture and this can start to make other things hurt like your back or neck.

Shoulder, Neck and Back Pain Treatment

Shoulder and Neck Pain adjustment chiropratorWhen it comes to seeking help for neck, back or shoulder (neck or back) issues if rest does not resolve your issue (or it is a recurring one) it can be hard to know who you need to visit to get a treatment plan – A doctor, a physiotherapist, a chiropractor, a massage therapist.

Here at SportsMed we have Chiropractors who specialise in back, neck and shoulder pain

along with a range of all of your healthcare professionals under one roof and make in-house referrals to make sure you will always see the right person for your needs.

Our chiropractors see people with shoulder and back pain all the time and have a history of producing excellent results in the natural way – without pain killers or surgery. If you are suffering from shoulder and back pain and want to get a treatment plan to deal with the cause, rather than the symptoms call or email us if you have any questions or to book an appointment.

  • During your appointment, we will assess your shoulder issues to find the root cause
  • Offer advice on how to avoid future injury
  • Come up with a natural surgery free and drug-free treatment plan.

Give us a call today or read more about our Chiropractic Services and how they work

Is riding your desk affecting your posture?

Book an appointmentFor more help with your shoulders and necks, see one of our Chiropractors can help. Book an appointment with one of our today and get back to optimum performance.

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