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Do you have a running injury? We are running a running injury clinic.

What it is?

The Sportsmed Running Injury Clinic is a satellite clinic operating from the sports shoe store “The Front Runner” at the Colombo (363 Colombo St).

This will be staffed part-time by podiatrists from Sportsmed. Asics have supported this initiative by providing a high-performance treadmill and multi-camera setup for accurate analysis of the way your patients walk or run. A clinical room has also been created “in-store” as well as the assessment area. Recordings are made in the assessment area and patients taken to the clinical room for reviewing/discussing the data obtained.


Multi-camera gait analysis.

Three cameras’ enable us to record multiple views simultaneously. This enables the ability to record joint angles and positions of the hip, knee, ankle and foot that cannot be done at Sportsmed. It will be a Christchurch first to have such a set-up.

We will operate this as a standalone clinic and market this service to doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists, and coaches. A full gait analysis report will be provided for the referrer, and also to the patient. The video clips will also be accessible in the cloud also for future review by the referrer or patient.

The degree of reporting will be based around the needs of the referrer for either simple information gathering and identification of asymmetry i.e. left foot pronates excessively. Reporting could also involve recommendations on interventions, ie low foot contact angle on left, consider calf tightness and calf stretching if identified. This ensures we aren’t treading on toes and can be seen as reporters of gait or reporters and recommenders of intervention.

Foot pressure analysis.

We will also have our Tekscan plantar pressure system located at “The Running Injury Clinic” Pressure mapping through the soles of the feet can identify areas of greater load that may correlate to pain. Patients can either walk over a pressure plate or have pressure measuring insoles inserted into their shoes. This system can also measure force curves during gait to determine medial/lateral and anterior-posterior loading. This is a highly sophisticated system that is only available in Universities.

Balance assessments.

This is a very exciting module that we have to perform and quantify Romberg tests. Subjects stand on the pressure plate for 30-90 seconds with the centre of pressure recorded. Discrete movements in AP and medial/lateral directions are output via a table with a centre of pressure ellipse also calculated. This is very visual and easy to interpret. The larger the centre of pressure ellipse the more sway and vice versa.

General podiatry.

It is worth noting that orthotic fitting and modification services will also be provided. This will also be an operational podiatry clinic although no palliative podiatry (corns, nails) will be performed. We will still promote this as a running clinic, however.

What results will be generated The report will detail the movements of each joint / segment during the stance and swing phases of gait. See the attached form.

Angles of movement will be generated including

  • hip joint motion
  • knee joint motion
  • foot contact angle
  • ankle joint motion
  • tibial angle
  • rearfoot motion
  • trunk angle
  • pelvic tilt


A typical appointment will cost $120 for 40 minutes for a private patient. For patients under ACC we will charge $87

What to ask your patients to bring to your gait analysis appointment:

1. Current running or walking shoes

2. Previous pair of running or walking shoes if your current pair is brand new (or any other past shoes that you have questions about)

3. Current pair of orthotics – if you have them

4. Shorts – as short or form fitting as possible

5. A t-shirt, tank top as form-fitting as possible

6. A pair of comfortable socks

7. A list of any questions/concerns you might want to have answered

Note: Please avoid putting moisturizers on your legs/arms the day of your assessment as markers may be placed or drawn on your skin to enhance visibility.

Location Note that parking is available off either Elgin or Stanley Streets. Please allow an extra 5-10 minutes to find a park as in peak times this can be difficult.

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