Tight Shoulder Muscles From Sitting at a Desk All Day?

Do you ever have those days when you look up from your computer and realise that 4 hours have passed and you have not gotten up from your chair? I mean, it’s great that you were in the zone for 4 hours churning out work – BUT your back and tight shoulder muscles are not…

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Heel Pain? Are your shoes the enemy?

Do you suffer from heel pain? It can feel debilitating when we put too much stress on our feet. It really stop us from getting out there and doing the things we love. When you think about it, it is pretty amazing that such a small surface area supports our entire body. The trouble is…

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Matt’s Shoulder Pain – Physiotherapist Review Christchurch

“I was referred to SportsMed Canterbury physiotherapist Craig Calcott in early 2017 for help with ACJ shoulder pain.   At 40, I had never been to a physiotherapist, but soon became a convert to the methods of strengthening through a structured excercise programme. When my shoulder problem was fixed I asked Craig to help me…

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Christchurch Marathon Training Tips (with Infographic )

marathon training tips

Are you gearing up for the 2018 Christchurch Marathon on June 3rd? It is important to look after your body and your mind when you are training for a marathon to insure optimal performance. The last thing you want is an injury to jeopardise your ability to perform at your best come race day. Here are…

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Have you ever noticed shoulder or neck pain after doing a workout?

Shoulder & Neck Pain

Have you ever noticed shoulder or back pain after doing a workout? Perhaps your form wasn’t great while you were doing cross fit… or your shoulders were hunched up round your shoulders while you were doing downward facing dog (a yoga pose). By the time your workout is done you can feel a headache start to form…

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Heel Lock Lacing Tutorial for Runners (with Pictures)

Heel Lock Lacing Tutorial

For all of you Christchurch runners out there – Make sure you are registered for the Christchurch City 2 Surf, 2017. I love booking myself into running events as it helps me maintain my fitness throughout the year so I don’t embarrass myself come race day. If you are new to training or want to make sure…

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5 Christchurch Marathon Training Tips for 2017

Christchurch Marathon

As you may know the 2014 Christchurch Airport Marathon is just  months away on the 4th June 2017. This event gives runners a chance to compete in a 42km – Full Marathon,  21 km – Half Marathon or a 10km or Kids’ Mara’Fun. Inspired by the 1974 Commonwealth Games marathon, the Christchurch Airport Marathon event is renowned as…

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5 ways to Optimise your Running Posture you should probably know about.

If you are a keen runner at any level, injury is the enemy! So the aim of the game should be to stay injury free while your train. We have put together a list of 5 helpful ways to optimise running posture and support injury prevention while you train. Funnily enough most of these are…

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5 Pre Workout Snacks We Love ( with Infographic )

pre workout snack feature

It is always a good idea to refuel your engine with something light 1 hour to 3o minutes before your workout. You have probably posed the question “What do you eat to fuel you for a workout” without leaving you feeling heavy, full and like the food is sitting in your stomach. When you make…

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Top tips from the SportsMed Reception team!

If you have an injury or your just new to using our general and sports specific services, no doubt you have questions. Every day our superb reception team get asked lots of questions about what we do here at SportsMed.  So we thought it would be great to share some of these questions, with answers, to…

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