9 Ways To Improve Your Posture At Work

9 ways to improve your posture at work

In the age of desk jocky and 60 hour work weeks its important to look after your back and your posture at work to prevent future injury and pain. When you are hunched over a desk all day, it can put strain on your neck, shoulders and back. If you are not using your abs to…

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Getting ready for the snow! Pre Season Training for Skiers

pre season ski training feature

Skiing places demands on the body that are unique and different to any other sport known. It is therefore important that you prepare for the season 2-3 months in advance. A specific strength and cardiovascular programme will help to prevent injury and allow you to make the most out of the short season. Ski Season…

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Medical Receptionist Job Christchurch (12 Month Maternity Cover)

nursing position christchurch

ROLE: Medical Receptionist – 12 Month Maternity Cover SportsMed is looking for a vibrant, customer focused person to join our busy and exceptional Medical reception team. SportsMed is the leading multi-disciplinary sports medicine facility in New Zealand and as we continue to grow year after year, so does our need for extraordinary reception staff. If you…

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The low down on processed foods – how bad are they?

processed food

Are you struggling to decode the miss-information you are getting about nutrition? What is good? What is bad? And what is ok in moderation? Sometimes it feels like you need a chemistry degree just read the back of a packet of food. Not all “processing” methods are created equal. It’s today’s nutrition mantra: processed foods are bad…

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Heel Pain? Are your shoes the enemy?

Do you suffer from heel pain? It can feel debilitating when we put too much stress on our feet. It really stop us from getting out there and doing the things we love. When you think about it, it is pretty amazing that such a small surface area supports our entire body. The trouble is…

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Staff Story: Tour Aotearoa is a 3000km bikepacking odyssey from Cape Reinga to Bluff

Are you a keen cyclist? Do you dream of cycling from Cape Reinga to Bluff to see all of the beautiful scenery that our country has to offer? Well, Dr John Hellemans Sports Medicine Practitioner here at Sportsmed certainly did. This week we have something a little bit different, a staff story if you will.…

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Have you got an Ingrown Toenail?

Did you get a bit carried away last time you cut your toenails? Are you suffering from an ingrown toenail poking into the skin on the sides of your toe? The trouble with ingrown nails is that they can really slow you down and stop you doing exercise. It hurts when you are wearing shoes; even…

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Christchurch Chiropractor open on Saturday

chiropractor christchurch

Are you busy during the week with no time to get to the Chiropractor? Or perhaps you have hurt yourself while you were out and about in the hills, or playing sports in the weekend? Or maybe your body is not feeling so flash after a week hunched over a desk at work or studying? Whatever…

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Are you wearing the right running shoes?

We have all been there… picking the wrong shoes for sports, weekend strolls or even work only to find our poor feet aching before we have reached the end of the day. If you struggle with your foot wear particularly when being active then come and see us and we can investigate your body, shoes…

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5 ways to Optimise your Running Posture you should probably know about.

If you are a keen runner at any level, injury is the enemy! So the aim of the game should be to stay injury free while your train. We have put together a list of 5 helpful ways to optimise running posture and support injury prevention while you train. Funnily enough most of these are…

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