Heel Pain? Are your shoes the enemy?

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Do you suffer from heel pain? It can feel debilitating when we put too much stress on our feet.

It really stop us from getting out there and doing the things we love.

When you think about it, it is pretty amazing that such a small surface area supports our entire body.

The trouble is when you are experiencing foot and heel pain it is easy to sit more, stop exercising… and sometimes we watch the weight pile on.

So it is important to get to the root of the problem so we can support optimal health.

Are your shoes the enemy?

The shoes we wear play a huge part in heel, calf and leg pain as they provide support for the body as we move around. Shoes that are too flat may put extra stress on the heel or change the way your foot naturally hits the ground when walking and cause pain. So it is important to pay attention if you notice pain in any particular footwear be it sports, sandals or everyday wear.

So what causes heel pain?

  • It could be the way your feet move by putting to much stress on the heel bone or soft tissue which can cause pain.
  • A new or old injury or bruising from walking, running or jumping.
  • It could be from dry skin and cracks in your heels.
  • You might be carrying more weight that usual.
  • Or your shoes might not be providing adequate support.

That being said… If you have heel pain it is important to get the the root of the issue so it does not impact your health and wellness.

So how does a podiatrist help with heel pain?

Step one – Assessment: 

The podiatrist will do some detective work and investigate your injury and getting to know more about you to discovery the factors that are causing and aggravating this problem. Be sure to bring your footwear in if you make an appointment as it may provide vital clues.

Step two – A treatment plan:

This could include strapping, strengthening exercises, orthotics for problem shoes, ice or even a change in footwear. These are just some of the options, treatment will vary depending on the cause.


Is riding your desk effecting your posture?

Make an appointment with one of our Christchurch Podiatrists today, be sure to bring along any shoes you suspect might be causing the issue. These could be sports shoes if you are running or experiencing pain after sports, or the shoes you wear to work or walk around in on a regular basis.

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