Heel Lock Lacing Tutorial for Runners (with Pictures)

Heel Lock Lacing Tutorial

For all of you Christchurch runners out there – Make sure you are registered for the Christchurch City 2 Surf, 2017. I love booking myself into running events as it helps me maintain my fitness throughout the year so I don’t embarrass myself come race day. If you are new to training or want to make sure you optimise your stride for your next event… we have a few tips to keep your feet in great shape so you can train and race in style… and comfort!

The start line is in sight. Are your feet ready to run?

It is important to have the correct shoes for running but this is only part of the package. Socks with extra cushioning at the heel and toes absorb shock and help protect against battered nails.

Heel lock lacing is also an effective method of providing extra rear foot stability in the shoe as well as allowing space for toes which helps to avoid trauma to toenails.

It’s very simple to do just follow the following steps:


Image A. Cross lace to all but the top eyelet. Thread lace through final eyelet on same side the lace emerged from. Repeat for the other side.

Image B. Thread the free end of each lace through the opposite loop. Pull ends firmly and lace as normal.

Image C. Lacing completed. You may need to consider longer laces if there is insufficient lace to achieve a decent bow.


Sore feet after running?

For more help in your build up to the event make an appointment with a member of our podiatry team here at SportsMed. Give us a call today or read more about our Podiatry teamBook an appointment with a Christchurch Podiatrist today.


How do you prep for your feet for the big race? We would love to hear your rituals below in the comment box. Know someone training for their first City2Surf? Please take 2 seconds to tweet, post, pin or email this to them so they can get the most out of their step.

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