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Are you looking for a Christchurch Chiropractor to help you with back pain, neck pain or a specific injury? We have noticed a number of people googling “Cost of a Chiropractor in Christchurch” so we wanted to put together a blog post to tell you a little more about our Chiropractic services, how they work, and how much Chiropractic treatments cost.

When you visit one of our Christchurch chiropractors the cost of your Chiropractic appointment depends on a few factors.

1. The length of your appointment:

New Patients

cost of a chiropractor in christchurch

If you are a new patient your first appointment will be 30 – 45 minutes long. Your first Chiropractic consultation consists of three stages

Discovery – First we take a case history to learn more about you, your injury/ issue and your lifestyle.

Physical Examination – Then a detailed examination is carried out to find the root cause of your symptoms and to determine the best treatment course.

Treatment Plan – We decide and advise if any tests are needed. Then in consultation with you, we decide on the best course of treatment and if Chiropractic care is going to be the best course of action/ We also advise you of any follow-up appointments you may need.

How much will the chiropractic visit cost?

New Patient appointments with ACC: $65

New Patient appointments without ACC: $90

Standard visits

After your initial consultation standard visits are generally 15 minutes long. Your Chiropractor can inform you of the length and cost of follow-up appointments after your initial visit.

How much will the chiropractic visit cost?

Regular appointments with ACC: $45

Regular appointments without ACC: $70

2. If you have an A.C.C accident related injury.

Chiropractic care can be subsidised by ACC in the case of an accident. If you have an accident, you can book ACC appointments at our Clinic without a referral. This means you can come straight in and see us and request an appointment. Your Chiropractor will lodge an ACC claim and your treatment cost will be partially subsidised by ACC, who pay $25 towards your treatment.

How much will your appointment cost?

Prices vary because of the above factors and your Chiropractor will discuss these with you before your treatment starts. To get an idea of the time length and price of your treatment head to our book an appointment page and fill in the form and let us know if you are a new or existing patient. Use the summary box to tell us if it is an ACC-related injury OR give us a call to talk to one of our staff. Learn more about our Chiropractic services here

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