5 Christchurch Marathon Training Tips for 2017

Christchurch Marathon

As you may know the 2014 Christchurch Airport Marathon is just  months away on the 4th June 2017. This event gives runners a chance to compete in a 42km – Full Marathon,  21 km – Half Marathon or a 10km or Kids’ Mara’Fun. Inspired by the 1974 Commonwealth Games marathon, the Christchurch Airport Marathon event is renowned as one of the fastest courses in the world. But it is also one of the most scenic and supportive.

We are now 12 weeks out from the event so its important to start your Christchurch marathon training and look after any niggling aches and pains to keep your body in tip top condition for race day.

ptreat_6Here are our Christchurch Marathon Training

Set realistic training goals.

If you are a first time marathon running,  No one trains for a marathon, half marathon or 10km in a day, make sure you build up stamina and endurance slowly by interval training and building on your fitness levels.

Listen to your body.

 If you have niggles, back off your training a little and perhaps cross train by biking or swimming.

Seek advice when you need it.

If the niggle is not settling in a few days seek sports medicine advice. If you have an injury but you are not sure what kind of medical professional you need – we can help. Get in touch with the reception team and they will make sure you get an appointment with the right medical professional.

Prevent injuries by good foot care.

Check your shoes and if you wear orthotics consider getting them checked. Don’t find you have to get new shoes or orthotics in the last week!


Give your muscles a rest, if you are training every day you will be working them hard and things will get right, a foam roller workout, yoga session or sports massage can help release the tension.

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Look out for more training tips over the next 12 weeks. We would love to hear how your training is going. Doing the Marathon, half or 10? Why not drop us a line using the comment box below and let us know how you are going.




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