Are you ready for the Christchurch City to Surf?

With less than one month to go its time to beat the feet in preparation for the  annual Christchurch City to Surf. This fun run or walk can be enjoyed by the whole family so lets go ahead and make this the biggest race yet. Having something to train for is a great way to help keep you feeling fit and healthy throughout the year. So why not grab a friend, dust off your running shoes and start training.

How long is it?

Depending on your fitness level you can opt to do a 6km walk or a 14km run.

14km christchurch city to surf map

THE 14km RUN: Starting at 9am Rose Street in the central city, the course is about 14km and predominately follows the Heathcote River to finish within the playing fields at Ferrymead.

6km city to Surf route

THE 6KM WALK: Starts from Sports Canterbury in Opawa and finish within the playing fields at Ferrymead.

Find out more about the starting points here

How much will it cost to enter?

Just $25 – 30 per person, why not put a school or work team together. If you get in early you can secure the early bird price. otherwise it is $30 on the day.

How do I enter?

Head ot

New To Running the Christchurch City to Surf? Here are our tips:

Build up your fitness

If you are new to running one of the biggest mistakes you can make is biting off more than you can chew. If you would like to get your body use to running longer distances then there are some great phone apps out there that can help you build up your stamina and endurance like the couch to 5k or couch to 10k phone apps.  They work by getting you to run for a minute or two then walk for a minute or two then repeat so you can start to build up endurance and you will be running like a pro in no time.

Look after your legs and muscles

Sore legs after running? Running can put pressure on our legs and often the muscles around our knees, calves, shins or gluteus can begin to feel tight. Massage is a great way to help with lactic acid build up and tightness. Be kind to our body and give it a massage, be it on a foam roller, stretching out with yoga or from one of our sports masseuses.

Choose the right shoes

When you run in the wrong shoes, you run the risk of causing unnecessary damage to your knees, ankles, joints and hips. Make sure your shoes provide adequate support to look after your knees, hips and joints while you train. Make sure you choose the right running shoes for training and racing. We also recommend this tutorial on how to tie your running shoes when you run. If you are experiencing foot pain bring your trainers into your next podiatrist appointment and have one of our team inspect them.


Right now over to you…

Where are you running? We would love to see your running pictures. Be sure to tag us by using #sportsmedchch as your hashtag on instagram or facebook. Do you have questions about the City2Surf? Ask them below in the comments section.


Happy Running.


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