Give the Gift of a Better Nights Sleep with a Chiropractic Pillow


Do you ever feel like Goldilocks when it comes to your pillow? “It’s too soft…to hard, too thick or too thin“. Let’s face it, sleeping sucks when your pillow is sub-par. We have all been there. Buying the cheapest pillow, or getting hand me down’s from family members when you head off flatting for the first time.

When your pillow sucks you can often wake in the morning feeling stiff, achy and just not well rested. That is not so great when sleep is all about restoration and refreshing your body for the day ahead. We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed and our posture in bed supports our sleep quality.

Tips for Choosing the right pillow:


Your pillow should be the right softness and the right thickness for your sleeping posture.

Choose a pillow that supports your spine in a neutral position when you are laying on your side or back.

Sleeping on your side – When you are sleeping on your side you want a pillow that is firm enough to support your head and thick enough to fill that space between your shoulders and neck so that the muscles in your neck can relax and rest in a neutral position. When you are laying on your pillow you should be able to lay flat so your head is in line with your shoulders. If your pillow is too thick it pushes your head to one side and puts a strain on your neck muscles and if your pillow is to thin, the head drops down and it can be harder to relax as your neck muscles are then strained.

Sleeping on your back  – Your want your pillows to be thick enough to offer support, but thin enough to let your headrest in a neutral position. If you have too many pillows or a pillow that is to thick it can tilt your head at an angle and put pressure on the muscles in your neck without providing adequate support.

Feather and down pillows aren’t so great as they are soft and your head sinks into them, which means you have to keep readjusting during the night.

Foam pillows are a great density offering support as they are both soft and firm.

Are you ready for a new pillow? Give yourself (or your partner) the gift of a good nights sleep.

Our Chiropractic team offer chiropractic pillows and can adjust them to the right height for your sleeping posture.

You can add and remove the inserts to customise the pillow to your needs (and niggles). Meaning you get a great fit that contours to your neck.

The memory foam is supportive yet malleable and it is made from safe materials.

Interested in one of our Complete Sleep Original – Adjustable Memory Foam Pillows? Speak to one of our Friendly team today.

You can come in and purchase a pillow at the reception desk. You do not need an appointment or a fitting. The packaging gives you clear and easy instructions so you can customise your sleep… Then you are ready to catch from zzz’s.

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