Are you wearing the right running shoes?

We have all been there… picking the wrong shoes for sports, weekend strolls or even work only to find our poor feet aching before we have reached the end of the day. If you struggle with your foot wear particularly when being active then come and see us and we can investigate your body, shoes and how you can take the best possible step forward.

So how do your shoes stack up?

When choosing the right gym shoe you need to embrace your inner Cinderella.. and get the one that is just right! You need to be thinking about your posture, your step, medical conditions and genetics to make sure you choose a shoe that is going to let you get the most our of your activity, be it a marathon or just a stroll down the block.

Here are some common shoe brands and and explanation about what they are for and the type of support you can get.

The Best running shoes for Adults

Athletic Footwear AAF best running shoe for adults

The Best running shoes for Children

Athletic Footwear CAF best running shoe for kids

Need help?

Not sure where shoes to pick or concerned that your running shoes might be doing more harm than good?

At SportsMed we can help you choose the correct shoe for your foot type, condition or sporting activity. If you bring along a selection of shoes we can provide a clinical interpretation of what shoe is best suited for you. Review your old shoe can provide a good insight as to what type of shoe you may require and therefore help your injury or condition.


Optimise your shoes to improve performance


Come see one of our Christchurch Podiatrists and be sure to bring in your gear so they can take a look at your stride and get you performing at your best. Learn more about how it works here…



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