9 Ways To Improve Your Posture At Work

9 ways to improve your posture at work

In the age of desk jocky and 60 hour work weeks its important to look after your back and your posture at work to prevent future injury and pain. When you are hunched over a desk all day, it can put strain on your neck, shoulders and back. If you are not using your abs to support you, soon you can begin to slouch and feel the effects through your entire body. Poor posture can lead to headaches, muscle pain, and really start to take away from your performance, as you are constantly concentrating on the niggling pain, instead of your workload.

Here are 9 tips for improving posture at work.

we have put this list of tips together to help you adjust your seated posture at work.

9 ways to improve your posture at work

  1. Arms resting on the arm rest – takes pressure off your shoulders and neck.
  2. Knees in line with hips
  3. Eye level to the top of the monitor – So you do not strain your neck
  4. Thighs parallel to the floor
  5. Feet flat on the floor – if your feet cant reach the floor get a foot rest.
  6. Ample leg room – so you are not putting your feet on objects and adjusting your posture.
  7. Don’t cross your legs or ankles
  8. Push your mouse and keyword away from you so your forearms can rest on the desk.
  9. If you are using two screens, keep your body in the center, and space them out evenly, this way you will not favour one side.

Optimise your workspace to improve your posture at work.

Do you need someone to take a look at your work space? Have a friend of colleague take a few photo of you working at your desk, when you are not expecting it, so we can get a idea of how you really sit (or stand) at your desk. Next time you have an appointment with a Chiropractors or Physios, let them take a look at the photo of your posture and work and they can give you pointers on what to improve. Adjusting the height and position of monitors can make all the difference.

Is riding your desk effecting your posture?

For more help with posture see one of our Chiropractors or Physios and they can help you optimise your posture for good health. Book an appointment with one of our  today and get back to optimum performance. Learn more about sitting and posture

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