5 ways to Optimise your Running Posture you should probably know about.

If you are a keen runner at any level, injury is the enemy! So the aim of the game should be to stay injury free while your train. We have put together a list of 5 helpful ways to optimise running posture and support injury prevention while you train. Funnily enough most of these are things to do when you are not running but will help support your body to perform at its best.

1. Adjust the way you stand

The problem In the age of technology a large number of the population is sitting at a desk all day, because of this our posture may be sloppy, we may sit with our backs arched, shoulders hunched over or belly sticking out. Stand and take note of how your body is positioned, how does your weight fall? is your back arched? Drop your rib cage until your weight is balanced and shifts to the middle of your feet. Rotate your arms so your thumbs point outwards. Practice this while sitting at your desk. When running – Check you are not arching by dropping your ribs and elongate your neck.

2. Embrace your inner yogi

Injuries like Shin splints and plantar fasciitis can occur when the feet are weak. Toe yoga an improve the coordination of the muscles in your feet so you can use them more readily taking the stress of your shins. Try driving your big toe into the floor and keep it still while raising and lowing your little toes, then keep the little toes still and raise the big toe. Do this for 1 -2 two minutes a day until it is easy to perform to improve your coordination.

3. Get Planking – Work on your core.

Having a strong core can improve your posture which can put you in a better position when you are running. Every time you take a step  your foot strikes the ground and your body absorbs force that travels up your body to your core. If you core is weak its harder to handle that force which can lead to poor, slower and less efficient performance and more injuries.

4.  Its a balancing act – work on your balance

Balance effects your posture and how you position your body for each step. Poor balance can lead to strains and sprains in the ankles and also may be a sign that you need to strengthen your hip flexors, ankles, feet or core. If certain areas are letting you down, other parts of the body will have to compensate and may become overworked which is a common cause of running injuries. Stand on your left leg, keep your right leg straight and pretend your right leg is a pencil and write the alphabet in the air. Make sure you write in big high letters without buckling at the leg or hips. Switch legs and do the left hand side. Perform this before you run.

5. Mix it up from side to side

When we run we are commonly experience a front to back motion. It can be a challenge if you throw side to side movements into your run from different terrains or courses which cause cause injury. Try mixing up your lunges to include more side to side movement. As part of your warm up try mixing 5 front lunges, side lunge, back lunges, lunges with triangle yoga pose.

Do you have any niggles from training?

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