5 Pre Workout Snacks We Love ( with Infographic )

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It is always a good idea to refuel your engine with something light 1 hour to 3o minutes before your workout. You have probably posed the question “What do you eat to fuel you for a workout” without leaving you feeling heavy, full and like the food is sitting in your stomach.

When you make the wrong snack choices before you run, hike, play sports or lift weights, you can be left with that horrible feeling in the back of your throat, like your food might come back up.  Or worst yet, like your body is focused on digesting, rather then helping you do your best. Making the right snack choices means you can not only fuel your workout, but also feel your best during it. Here are 5 pre workout snacks to boost your energy before a workout.

5 Pre workout snacks we love

A banana with some greek yoghurt – Packed with potassium, digestible carbohydrates and keeps your nutrient levels high

Oats – Full of fibre and carbohydrates that slowly release energy into your blood stream to help you keep your energy up during your workout.

A handful of almonds – High in protein they will give you energy and pick you up from your afternoon rut

Peanut butter smeared on a banana  – Use banana slices like a cracker, stock up on protein and potassium

Muesli bar – rich in oats, nuts and fruit for an energy kick.

Foods to avoid before a workout or game

There are certain foods that are harder for your body to digest, if you eat the wrong foods before working out they could leave you with a drop in energy or performance, or leave you feeling sick and full as your body focuses its energy and blood towards working out, rather then digesting and the food will sit in your stomach.

Refined Sugar and Candy – These will give you a boost but could lead to a crash while you are working out.

Softdrinks – After the sugar rush could lead to a crash and dehydration

Be sure not to over eat!

You want to fuel your engine, but there is no need to have a full meal before your workout. You want to eat something small and light that will not leave you with indigestion, slugging or nauseas.

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