The 4 Best Types of Massage for Runners


So you have been training hard and want to reward yourself with a massage… but which do you choose? When should you get one? What type should you get before a race? There are four types of massage for runners that are great for helping runners at various stages of their training. Let me run you through each one, so you can decide which one is right for you.

Trigger Point Massage for Runners.

  • If you want to get to the point of the problem trigger point massage is often used to treat injuries and tightness by applying deep pressure to trigger areas.
  • Target muscle knots and areas of referred pain in the muscle tissue.
  • Uses deep pressure.

When to get one: Great if you are having issues with IT band tightness, calf strains, and hamstring injuries.

Swedish Massage Massage for Runners

  • Swedish massage may bring to mind ideas of pampering and luxury, but it also has excellent benefits for runners especially before a race.
  • Utilises long flowing strokes
  • Variety of pressure
  • Usually lighter
  • Releases muscle tension
  • Supports blood flow
  • Recovery tool after a hard workout.

When to get one: 

Before a competition – to relieve muscle tension without causing damage to the muscles which can be helpful after a hard week of training to help you relax and restore so you are in ship shape for your next race.

  • After a competition – to help rest and restore your muscles and aid relaxation.

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Sports Massage for Runners

  • Is used to help improve athletes performance.
  • A sports massage can be stimulating, relaxing, or it can be a relief from pain.
  • Uses knowledge of the way the body moves in your particular sport in determining what are the most likely muscular and joint problems and needs & also to prepare your body for an upcoming event.
  • Supports preventing injury, working out the soreness, and enhancing sports performance
  • Most elite athletes have sports massages done regularly as a part of their training program.

When to get one: Before, during or after an event.

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Deep Tissue Massage for Runners

  • Deep tissue massage is something most runners are familiar with (Not to be confused with deep pressure which is when you tell your massage therapist to apply deeper pressure in certain areas)
  • Targets superficial and  deep layer of muscles and fascia
  • Intense deliberate and focused work
  • Targets problem areas that are tight or have knots and the interconnected tissue
  • Works for the entire muscle group

When to get one:

  • Great after hard training sessions to help iron out the kinks.
  • Great after a race to help with tight spots.

Are sore tight muscles affecting your performance?

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