Thank you for referring patients to SportsMed.

It is important to us that your patient receives the best possible care in the quickest timescale.

So it’s always best if you can refer your patient with the following information:

  • All contact details including name, address, date of birth, all contact phone numbers
  • Please indicate whether the referral is private or covered by ACC
  • If ACC, we need all details including date of injury, ACC45 number and injury or read code.
  • Let us know whether you would like us to call your patient OR whether your patient will be phoning us to book their appointment
  • If they have already booked their appointment, let us know who they’re booked to see and when

Many of your patients will need further imaging of their injury or referral on for surgical assessment.  To help us, to help your patients, it is important that any ACC related injuries have been correctly registered with ACC. For example, a simple error or omission in body site can hold up a claim, sometimes for months, while ACC access and assess medical information to make a simple change or approve an added body site.

Once you have all the correct information, please

EDI us at : sportsmd

Email us at : or

Call us on 0800 465 879

Thanks once again for referring your patient to SportsMed – New Zeland’s premier sports injury rehabilitation centre