Dr John Hellemans has just joined our lean, mean, medical team!

We are pleased to welcome another expert to our medical team. Dr John Hellemans – Sports Medicine Practitioner. Who has John worked with? John has extensive experience with special interests including endurance sports, exercise and health, altitude training and stimulation, prolotherapy, compartment pressure studies. Who has John worked with? John has coached many individuals and…

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There is a new sports physician in town…. Dr Tony Page

We’re pleased to welcome Dr Tony Page to the SportsMed team. Tony is a specialist sports physician recently returned to Christchurch following 3 years of treating at the world renowned Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre, Melbourne. What is Tony’s background? He has a wealth of experience and enjoys working with athletes of all levels including…

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Full Time Physiotherapist Job Christchurch

Are you looking for a Full Time Physiotherapist Job in Christchurch? We are always interested in hearing from experienced musculo-skeletal and rehab physiotherapists who would be interested in working at SportsMed. Whilst there may not be a position immediately available, we will let you know when an opportunity arises. All correspondence is treated in the strictest…

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